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Artist: 七瀬 遙(CV.島﨑信長), 橘 真琴(CV.鈴木達央), 松岡 凛(CV.宮野真守), 葉月 渚(CV.代永 翼), 竜ヶ崎 怜(CV.平川大輔),
Title: 6.Nagisa and Rin's Day off
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Summary: they go to watch a movie, eat dinner and then Nagisa insists Rin catches a toy in the UFO catcher for him. (In short, they’re in a date.) A lot of skinship and dorky Rin and irresistible Nagisa happens.

Part 1: After watching a movie

Nagisa: Ah~ That was so fun! I’ve always wanted to watch it. “Searching for Wan (woof? the sound a dog makes?)” Haru-chan and Mako-chan already saw it and Rei-chan said- *imitates Rei* Something like that I don’t understand, I won’t watch it!
Nagisa: -and all my classmates have club activities and part-time jobs. I’m so glad Rin-chan could come!
Rin: Man, why did I have to watch this nonsense movie with you?
Nagisa: Hey! Wasn’t it a good movie?! …Ah! Furthermore, I saw it, ne? When I looked during the movie, Rin-chan was crying!
Rin: I wasn’t!
Nagisa: You don’t have to hide it! Even before, Rin-chan has always been a crybaby, right?
Rin: Shut up! Being called “crybaby”, I don’t want to be called like that by you of all people! Anyway, you actually had the courage to peek at my face huh…
*Rin wrestles Nagisa and gives him a noogie*
Nagisa: Ouch! Ouch! My head’s gonna- I give up! I give up! Rin-chan~ So cruel! Even though we’ve come out to play after a long time!
Rin: If I let you say useless things like that, it’s bad.
*Nagisa’s stomach grumbles*
Nagisa: Ah, I’m hungry. Rin-chan, let’s eat!
Rin: Eh… You… In the movie house, didn’t you eat a mountain of popcorn and some hot dogs?
Nagisa: Well, that was just for while watching the movie, wasn’t it?
Rin: What kind of reasoning is that?
Nagisa: Let’s just say I’m a growing boy?
Rin: What growing are you talking about? …*sigh* Fine. Oi Nagisa, wanna go to a Family Restaurant?
Nagisa: Yay! Food! Food!

Part 2: Family Restaurant

*sound of Nagisa eating*
Nagisa: Aaah~ Delicious!
Rin: …Nagisa. Aren’t you eating too much? Isn’t the whole table just loaded with your food?
Nagisa: I did say I was hungry! And besides, isn’t this much normal?
Rin: Hamburger, pizza, KatsuCurry, Napolitan, Karaage, cake… It’s amazing you’re eating all of that. How do you digest that?
Nagisa: By the way! By the way! Listen to this, Rin-chan!
Rin: Eating or speaking, just choose one! If you’re chewing like that, I won’t listen!
Nagisa: *swallows* *laughs* Before, Goro-chan said this.
Rin: *sighs*
Nagisa: It’s because I want to talk about a lot of things!
Rin: I’ll listen, so don’t talk with your mouth full.
Nagisa: Okay! So then, before, Haru-chan, Mako-chan, Rei-chan and me, while we were at lunch, Rei-chan said *imitates voice* “I’m proud of my work this time!”, and when he opened his lunch box, it was all white rice!
Rin: He got it wrong?
Nagisa: Yes! I think one of his family had a similar lunch box so he brought the wrong one!
Rin: *laughs* Rei was missing his, then.
Nagisa: And so, we helped him by giving him food. Mako gave shougayaki, Haru-chan gave fried mackerel, and I gave potato salad and spaghetti. Somehow, it was a really good bento? So everyone was really happy, but then we noticed Haru-chan didn’t have side dishes. It became a side dish-sharing event!
Rin: What the hell are you doing, you guys?!
Nagisa: *laugh* Eating that many kinds of food was fun, you know?!
Rin: You’re really carefree people, huh? Just hearing about it makes me shudder. Well, it’s really like you though. Anyway, are you practicing properly?
Nagisa: Of course! For the next competition, we’re practicing with our best, you know? We’ve shown our improvement in the last one, right?
Rin: That’s pretty good
Nagisa: *laughs* You know, when we were in elementary and doing the relay, Rin-chan helped me with my breast stroke, right?
Rin: Yeah, you really begged for my help and kept following me so there was no helping it. But well, you were able to follow me properly.
Nagisa: Being taught by Rin-chan, I learned to be faster, it was really fun, wasn’t it? Even now, when I swim, I always remember that moment.
Rin: Nagisa… You…
Nagisa: *eating* Hm? What is it? Do you want some Katsucurry? Okay! Have some!
Rin: No, I don’t need-
Nagisa: *force-feeds Rin*
Rin: *choking* Nagisa! Don’t randomly insert your spoon on other people’s mouth!
Nagisa: Rin-chan, didn’t you want to eat this?
Rin: No! I told you don’t want it!
Nagisa: You don’t have to restrain yourself! Here, have more! *force-feeds Rin again*
Rin: *chokes some more*

Part 3: Game Center
Nagisa: Ah~ My stomach is all full! So satisfied!
Rin: Of course… since you’ve eaten all that…
Nagisa: If Rin-chan doesn’t eat much, it’s a waste, you know?
Rin: I’m eating properly! And anyway, I’m different from you guys. I’m thinking properly of a balanced diet and- Wait! Nagisa isn’t here! Where the hell did that guy go? *runs* NAGISA!
Nagisa: Ah! Rin-chan~! Here, here!
Rin: That guy… when did he stop at the game center? …Oi Nagisa!
Nagisa: Look, look, Rin-chan! This crane game has a really cute stuffed toy!
Rin: You! Don’t wander around like that! Suddenly disappearing and then talking about this game… Anyway, what the hell is this?
Nagisa: Eh?! Rin-chan, you don’t know?! This is the popular mascot character Mizushima Shima-kun yo!
Rin: I don’t know that kind of thing
Nagisa: *sparkle* Ne, Rin-chan,
Rin: …what is it?
Nagisa: Please get this for me!
Rin: Why do I have to get that weird thing! If you want it, get it yourself!
Nagisa: Even so, pleaseeeee *nuzzling his head to Rin’s side*
Rin: Oi! Stop that, Nagisa! Nuzzling your head like- nuzzling your- nuzzling- Stop nuzzling your head on me like that! *Nagisa continues nuzzling* OH FINE! 
Nagisa: YAY! As expected of Rin-chan!
Rin: *sigh* You… Whatever. Let’s go *insert coin*
Nagisa: Go, Rin-chan!
Rin*snags something* OH!
Nagisa: That’s good! Let the arm take the stuffed toy! Could it be, just one try and- *the toy falls*Awww, it fell.
Rin: Ugh! Failed, huh?
Nagisa: You can do it on the next try!
*insert coin* *snags the toy*
Nagisa: Oh! This one has a better feeling than the last!
Rin: *laugh* Right?!
Nagisa: Okay, just let it near the opening… *falls* AH! So close! *insert another coin* If Rei-chan was here, he’d definitely say “the weight of the stuffed toy and the strength of the arm and stuff” and he’d go equate, right?
Rin: Ah~ That does sound like something he’d do. But if that’s it, then this stuffed toy is 400 gram and the arm need to be exactly- HERE!
Nagisa: Ah! Rin-chan said what Rei-chan would have said!
Rin: Okay! With this, we can do it!
Nagisa: Go! Just a little more! *drops on the opening* WE GOT IT!
Nagisa: Rin-chan! High touch!
Nagisa: As expected of Rin-chan!
Rin: Leave it to me! This much is nothing!
Nagisa: You’re great! You’re great! Rin-chan is so cool!
Rin: Of course!
Nagisa: RIN-CHAN!
*hugs and laughs together*
Rin: AH! *clears throat*  *takes the toy*  *use deep manly voice* Here, have it.
Nagisa: Yes! Thanks, Rin-chan! *giggles* I’m so happy!
Rin*still with the manly voice* …okay. Anyway, that’s fine already, right? Let’s go.
Nagisa: Wait! Rin-chan!
*they get out of the game center*
Rin: Oiii. It’s already this dark.
Nagisa: Ah, that’s right. Without us noticing, it’s already this time. But it was fun~ I’ll tell everyone about this as soon as possible!
Rin: Stop! Th-the game center, don’t ever tell anyone that.
Nagisa: What part? *giggles* That was fun, right? The high touch! I can’t wait until Haru-chan and the others hear about it!
Rin: That’s why! I’m telling you not to tell them!
Nagisa: Waaah, why?
Nagisa: Mou, Rin-chan, you’re really selfish… Ah! Could it be, you’re embarrassed? Rin-chan is so cute!
Rin*already dying inside* Nagisa, you-! If Haru and the others find that out, I’ll go bankrupt! Wait! *runs after Nagisa* Give that back!
Nagisa: Ouch! Ouch! I give up! I give up! *laughing* Mou, stop that, Rin-chan!
Rin: Nagisa!
Nagisa: *laughing* Rin-chan!

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Sailor Moon Meme: [2/5] Inner Sailor Senshi
Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino

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you know those characters that you just



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My coworkers are always discussing furniture, home/apartment improvement, and babies and I’m sitting here wishing someone would ask me about Avatar.

"You came to my rescue, once again!!"
Act 8, Takeuchi Naoko
Original Scan by Miss Dream

Im making some manga parallel gif sets. But I should probably eat breakfast.

All this Sailormoon is making me want pop tarts….

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Act 8, Takeuchi NaokoOriginal Scan by Miss Dream

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Act 8, Takeuchi Naoko
Original Scan by Miss Dream

like usagi, I’m also show my new normal self. Posting manga caps!!


"I expect great things from you.."Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Act 8, Takeuchi NaokoOriginal Scan by Miss Dream

"I expect great things from you.."
Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon,
Act 8, Takeuchi Naoko
Original Scan by Miss Dream

Well she tried

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Act 8, Takeuchi NaokoOriginal Scan by Miss Dream

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Act 8, Takeuchi Naoko
Original Scan by Miss Dream

This would have been so cute animated. Ah well, just a treasure for manga fans.